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Yuneec Responding To Official Xinjiang; Huawei Terminal This Year Will Also Bring The Heavyweight Partners ...
Jul 05, 2016

Xinjiang has sued the Yuneec violations after more than a week. According to industry sources, Yuneec howsen currently employed United States leading law firm, plan positive response to for the case. If that is true, then the action will become arrogant Xinjiang issued new ELF 4, and friends Yuneec appeal, Yuneec positive response to for the first time.

Jiang declared in the action violated United States patents include "systems and methods for tracking" and "replaceable head" two Yuneec this year United States CES published new typhoon h, Yuneec Xinjiang allegations of infringing its patents or more of the claims, and asked Yuneec stop selling infringing products and systems. Innovation of Xinjiang's statement aroused wide attention from unmanned aerial vehicles and technology industries. "The UAV industry century lawsuits" under the name of, from all walks of life to two manufacturers of sound was mixed.

It is learnt that some sources say, Yuneec responded in a statement denounced Jiang achieved its monopoly and crush their rivals.