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Wholesale Industryial Pcb Assembly
Sep 29, 2017

  Over the past decade, the global PCB industry continues to move to the Chinese value chain and layout. In the late 1990s, due to the adjustment of industrial structure and the advantages of Asian cost, in recent years, China's industrial pcb assembly output value continued to rise in 2015 PCB output value accounted for 48.3% of global output, has ranked first in the world, and to maintain About 3.1% annual average compound growth rate.

In recent years, domestic industrial pcb assembly enterprises in the process of continuous learning to the international counterparts, management and operational capacity of continuous optimization, some excellent Chinese PCB enterprises in the profit margins on the big step catch up with foreign manufacturers.

PCB downstream applications almost all electronic products, including communications, aerospace, industrial medical, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other industries. In 2015, communications, computers and consumer electronics accounted for 70.84% of the total demand for PCBs, accounting for 22.18% and 3.76% of the total demand for the three major applications in the field of communications and automotive electronics, respectively, to 28.21% 6.34%, PCB applications become the fastest growing two major areas.

Increasing the level of automotive electronics, the global automotive electronics scale will reach $ 234.8 billion in 2016. With the increase in demand for automobiles and the development of intelligent, the level of industrial pcb assembly is increasing, accounting for the proportion of vehicle cost is also growing. At present, high-end cars in the proportion of car electronics costs accounted for 28%, new energy vehicles are up to 47%. In the networking, entertainment, energy saving and security driven by the four major trends, the future of the degree of electronic car will be higher and higher.

Automotive electronics installation is divided into two parts of non-vehicle and vehicle, is expected from 2015 to 2020, the global automotive market in developing countries, driven by the purchasing power of the overall growth trend is expected in 2017 exceeded 100 million sales. In the car design, the trend of car-assisted driving safety is very clear, TPMS, reversing images, automatic braking and other new applications rise, automotive electronics, including traffic control, vehicle conditions, automotive entertainment systems, the growing use of electronic equipment The