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What Is Smt Patch Processing
Jan 10, 2018

  Briefly, the processing element of the SMT chip is to pass through the device connected to the paste printed on the PCB solder paste or adhesive by welding furnace in chip processing.

This is not important and SMT's process control is key

What effect smt patch handling:

For surface mount components, accurately attach the PCB to the fixed position. The equipment used is the placement machine located behind the SMT line press.

What is smt patch processing?

About 1 / 10th volume and weight of high loading compact electronics products, about 1 / 10th volume and weight of chip components are reduced by 60% to 40% electronic volume after using conventional plug-in components, general SMT, 60% Loss 80%. High reliability, vibration proof ability. Solder joint failure rate is low. Good high frequency characteristics. Reduction of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. Easily automate and improve productivity. Reduce costs from 30% to 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, human resources, time and so on.

What kind of equipment is used for smt chip processing in general?

SMT chip processing, the factory now attaches importance to test equipment in general, now more programs are composed

Board machine + printing machine + SPI + high speed mounting machine + AOI front + multi function mounting machine + reflow after AOI + furnace.

Special techniques like pop technology, add tin jets.

Also, there is software

MES production management system, closed loop system, three points, anti-material system. Supplemental software.