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What Are The Process Of Injection Tooling Design?
Aug 08, 2017

  What are the process of injection Tooling Design?

  The first thing to consider is the finished product chart and the analysis of the sample. In this point we have to take into account the product geometry, size, technical requirements, appearance, Tooling Design tolerances and design benchmarks and other factors.

  Second, we have to consider is the injection machine model, to choose what kind of injection molding machine injection molding is also a very critical factor.

  Third, the number of points to determine the number and arrangement is also an important process, such as: the weight of the product and the injection of the injection volume, Tooling Design the accuracy of products, products, such as side of the core and processing methods, etc.

  Fourth, the choice of injection mold profiles.

  Fifth, the injection mold parting surface to determine. We have to consider the appearance of the product does not affect the requirements and accuracy to be guaranteed, Tooling Design but also to facilitate the processing of molds, especially the cavity of the processing.

  Sixth, is to the classification and the core of the body to determine.

  The design of the mold system, the design of the exhaust system, the design of the cooling system, the design of the thimble system, the design of the guide device, the drawing of the main parts of the mold, the design of the drawings, the design of the mold parts, the design of the mold parts, Tooling Design the design of the mold parts, Proofreading, design drawing