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Tooling Design To A Large Extent Determine The Quality Of Products And New Product Development Capabilities
Nov 03, 2017

Mould is a kind of industrial product, which is made by certain way in the form of material, and is also a kind of production tool which can produce parts of industrial products with certain shape and size requirement. Large to aircraft, cars, small to teacups, nails, almost all industrial products must rely on mold molding. The high accuracy, high consistency and high productivity of the products produced by the molds are unmatched by any other processing methods. Molds to a large extent determine the quality of products, benefits and new product development capabilities. So the mold and the "mother of Industry" honorary title.

Design steps

1. Analyze the feasibility of the products of the mould, take the computer case as an example, first the component product drawing uses the design software to carry on the group analysis, namely the work said the sleeve diagram, guarantees in the mold design before the product Blueprint the correctness, on the other hand may be familiar with each component in the entire chassis importance, in order to determine the key size, This is very good in the design of the mold, the specific method of mapping here do not do a detailed introduction.

2. The work to be done after the product analysis, the product analysis of the use of what kind of mold structure, and the production process, the determination of the working process of the content, and the use of design software product launches, in the product development generally from the follow-up project forward, such as a product needs five of processes, Stamping finish starts from product drawing to four project when product launches, three projects, two projects, one project, and the deployment of a graphic after a copy of the previous project to carry out work, that is, completed five works of the product launches, and then meticulous work, note that this step is very important, but also need to be particularly careful, If this step is done well, it will save a lot of time in drawing the stencil. After the stamping of each project to determine the content, including in the molding die, the thickness of the product material inside and outside the line retained to determine the size of the concave and convex die used, the product deployment method is no longer described here, will be in the product deployment method specific introduction.

3. preparation, according to product expansion plan for preparation, in the drawings to determine the size of the template, including the fixed plate, unloading plate, convex and concave die, inserts, etc., pay attention directly in the product expansion diagram in preparation, so that the drawing of the mold is very good, I saw a lot of mold design staff directly to the product deployment diagram manual calculation to feed, This method is too inefficient to draw a template size directly on the drawing, in the form of a group, on the one hand, you can complete the preparation, on the other hand in the mold parts of the work to save a lot of work, because in the drawing of the components of the work only in the preparation of drawings to add positioning, PIN, guide column, screw hole can be.

4. After the completion of the preparation can be fully entered into the drawing of the mold drawing, in the production of drawings in order to make a copy, the drawing of each component, such as adding screw hole, guide pillar hole, locating hole and so on hole position, and in punching die all kinds of holes need to wire cut through the wire hole, in the molding die, the molding gap of the upper and lower mold, must not forget, So after the completion of the work of a product of the mold diagram has almost completed 80%, in addition, in the process of drawing the mold drawing should pay attention to: each process, refers to the production, such as fitter line, wire cutting until different processing processes have a complete production of layers, so that the line cutting and drawing management has a great advantage, such as color distinction, Dimensioning is also a very important task, but it is also the most troublesome job, because it is too waste of time.

5. After the above drawings are finished, the drawings can not be issued, also need to proofread the mold drawings, all parts of the assembly, to each different mold board to make different layers, and with the same benchmark such as guide column hole until the analysis of the mold group, and the process of product expansion plan set into the group of the diagram, Ensure that all the template hole positions are consistent and the bending position of the upper and lower clearance coordination is correct.

The training goal of the mould design and manufacture specialty is: training of Germany, intelligence, body, the United States and other aspects of all-round development, with good professional quality, for the manufacturing industry, engaged in mold design, mold processing process, stamping and plastic molding processing, CNC machine tool operation and production management and other work of the high technical application of specialized personnel. Embodied in manufacturing to meet the mold manufacturing level, design to achieve the level of assistant designers.