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Tooling Design The Important Function Of Standardization
Oct 23, 2017

In the rapid development of mold today, China's mainland mold manufacturing industry is not very optimistic about the prospects, mainly mold manufacturers to mold manufacturing understanding is not enough, the application of new die technology is not strong, in the mold manufacturing process mold standard design has not enough understanding, Also stay in the old hand-crafted and an experienced mold master led the horizontal line, try to see the foreign developed countries mold manufacturing, standardized mold design placed in the most important position, followed by equipment, management, some Japanese enterprise designers accounted for 75%, so that the processing of people can be more focused on doing what he should do, From the design diagram to do according to the map construction, with the standard design to ensure the mold processing speed, quality, avoid duplication of work, repetition of the problem, such a successful example is too much, see our domestic but generally do relatively large or more famous mold enterprises have considerable attention to the design, such as: Haier, Hisense, Changzhou Huawei , Shanghai Dragonomics, HP, and other well-known enterprises, have done this, and continue to improve the design strength, in such as: A friend said that Zhejiang's mold development soon, equipment is more, still very advanced, is the quality of the mold, mainly in Yuyao, Huangyan, Taiwan and other places, Many manufacturers to the mold to get these places to do all disappointed, but this situation is also improving, many companies are aware of this, as a mold industry, I am very happy to see this scenario.

In the plastic mold design, some of our design process is now briefly introduced: generally have new products come over (sample, drawings, three-dimensional file) and other forms, there are only programs, let our product development Department for its development of new products, we must first determine the feasibility of products, reasonable design, can set the mold plan, is the customer, Die design and processing, engineering staff together to discuss through the program, signature confirmation-----can start the mold design (out of assembly drawings, three-dimensional large-section) to confirm the preparation,----after discussion again after the audit can be fine segmentation and mold parts design, out of the small material, the In the process of the design of the specification is very important, it is possible to best arrange the processing process table, schedule, processing table, follow-up checklist, etc., to ensure that the design reliability.

The training goal of the mould design and manufacture specialty is: training of Germany, intelligence, body, the United States and other aspects of all-round development, with good professional quality, for the manufacturing industry, engaged in mold design, mold processing process, stamping and plastic molding processing, CNC machine tool operation and production management and other work of the high technical application of specialized personnel. Embodied in manufacturing to meet the mold manufacturing level, design to achieve the level of assistant designers.

Mold processing direction ① mold processing and production organization; ② mold NC programming processing, ③ mold three-dimensional design, ④ product development three-dimensional design. Other technical direction: production management, logistics management, equipment management, quality management, project management and product development, automotive industry, machinery Manufacturing technologist, CNC engineer.