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Tooling Design How To Reduce The Mold Cost?
Nov 01, 2017

The three key factors that affect the mould cost: the product mould feasibility evaluation of ESI, die Tooling Design, and project management. And your idea is different?

Basically all cost savings from the material and processing cost, in fact, ideas are wrong, you know? You only see the surface of the cost, these methods is to increase costs, rather than reduce the cost. Only consider the cost of the mold itself, is problematic concept, can only reflect the value of the mold, injection molding to high efficiency, high quality, low loss, less mould failure, complete production is the real value of the mold injection molding products.

1, Tooling Design to material strength enough insurance factor, because the material problem cause modify mould and trial mould cost is far greater than the cost of materials?

2, mold ejection design should enough, would rather excess, don't cry because it is saving product rostellum, thimble ejection unbalance, product ejection deformation problem, a modified mould try mould thimble damage is more than a few.

3, don't cry because it is to reduce processing costs less inserts, in difficult machining area, local flow end product as far as possible to make insert, and do enough exhaust slot on inserts, do more insert seems to increase the cost, but will reduce the risk of a lot of molding, mould kernel was small and insert can be synchronous processing of qualifying, shorten the mould processing cycle; Insert is beneficial to exhaust, shorten the filling time, reduce the molding pressure, reduce product bad problems caused by trapped gas.

4, mold cooling water as far as possible, but also balanced and reasonable, especially the products are especially big and thick. Design processing waterway seems to increase the cost, if product molding cycle can drop 3-5 seconds, more can reflect the value of the mould? !

5, design of cooling water in order to reduce joint, connected and put a lot of water is very wrong. Some field injection personnel in order to facilitate the multiple water directly in series. Cooling water flow in the mould is too long the water temperature rises, the water and the water temperature will have significant differences, will affect the cooling effect of the product, and may even cause deformation due to uneven cooling products.

6, Tooling Design should take the initiative to communicate with customers, to determine the customer product is easier to modify parts and mold in the production of parts, which are easily damaged, plan in advance to facilitate subsequent change mode. Made can be replaced rapidly insert, such as spare parts in advance, etc., is to plan ahead, or it will cause high mold cost.

7, the design of the mould design as much as possible the exhaust, exhaust and reasonable design, processing; A lot of small and medium-sized mold enterprises Tooling Design is not exhaust slot, handled by the fitter according to their experience, this very wrong; Design process exhaust seems waste cost, problems caused by the exhaust problem is very important factor that should pay attention to. The advantage of the exhaust gas in this not do break down.

Eight parts, Tooling Design must have tolerance, machining and testing must be performed according to the requirements of tolerance, some factories have no detailed tolerance standard, special mining processing unqualified often head to sign, these are the hidden trouble of mould problem, and to modify the mold cost will also increase.

All in all, Tooling Design must fully consider the follow-up modify the cost of the mold and injection molding production. Mold is in the service of the injection molding, want to consider comprehensive cost. Do mould, some companies sell plastic injection mould for customers, in order to control the mould cost and ignoring the injection production, the long run these mold factory can be abandoned by the customer, even if your mould prices low, no quality is iron. Only fully considered is the mold molding production.