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The Application Of Computer In Mechanical Design
Jun 15, 2017

  The Application of Computer in Mechanical Design

  With the development of computer technology, computer in the mechanical design has been increasingly widely used, and there have been many high-performance design, analysis software. The use of these software can be compared in the design phase of the multi-program, you can include a large and very complex and complex structural strength, stiffness and dynamic characteristics of accurate analysis. At the same time, you can also build a virtual prototype on the computer, the use of virtual prototype simulation of the design verification, in order to achieve the design stage to fully assess the feasibility of the design. It can be said that the promotion of computer technology in mechanical design has been and is changing the process of mechanical design, it is to improve the design quality and efficiency of the advantages are difficult to estimate.

  The above is a brief introduction to the machine design process. Broadly speaking, in the machine manufacturing process, at any time there may be due to process changes in the design of the situation. If you want to modify, you should follow a certain approval process. After the machine is shipped, there should be a systematic follow-up survey; In addition, the user will be used in the process of manufacturing or design department feedback problems. Design department based on this information, after analysis, it is possible to modify the original design, or even modified. These work, although broadly part of the design process, but belong to another level of the problem, this book no longer discuss its specific content. But as a design worker, there should be a strong sense of social responsibility, to extend their field of vision to the manufacturing, use and even the whole process of use, to continuously improve the design, in order to make the quality of the machine continue to improve, So as to meet the needs of production and life.