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SMT Chip Processing Standards
Dec 25, 2017

  SMT Processing Components Currently there are a variety of surface mount component specifications, configurations and manufacturers. There are different tolerances for different types of packages, such as different manufacturer's resistors and capacitors 1206, to have a leading edge width of critical dimension and a tolerance of 0.254 mm from various sizes as the design of the pad pattern becomes Complex, can be changed to 0.726mm. So we have to pay attention to the details of the SMT processing some of the details, well, the entire project will be more troublesome, will not cause us to operate a long time. SMT Aoyang mechanical processing plant have some questions to ask.

Chip processing time should know the measures of electrostatic discharge, including SMT chip design and reset standards, but to deal with electrostatic sensitive ESD chip in the implementation of the appropriate handling and protection methods is very important. If these standards are not clear, please refer to the relevant documents to learn.

SMT processing time, and with the above-mentioned welding, usually in the standard use of welding technology needs and welding is applied to the general welding and manual welding and other related measures as SMT chip processing time of the technical standards in full compliance with you can refer to the welding Technical manual evaluation. Of course, there are cutting-edge SMT chip processing plants, the need for 3D processing, processing standards to achieve the desired effect, the appearance of more perfect.

SMT Chip Welding If the welding technology is a cleaning method, cleaning time is required according to strict standards, otherwise the security after SMT chip processing can not be guaranteed. Therefore, cleaning must be considered when determining the type and nature of the detergent, not just the integrity and safety of the equipment and process.

Electronic components surface mount process is what?

Chip processing plant electronic components

1, curing and reflow soldering

Curing is the most important step in the surface mounting of electronic components, and its function is to accurately attach the components on the PCB to the components and PCBs more fully. Reflow soldering technology, this step can be more experience, generally in the industrial field, and electronic components need to be advanced surface mount technology.

2, printing and distribution

Printing and printing are printed on PCB chip pads for the preparation of electronic components for soldering. The electronic components commonly used in surface mount devices are in front of SMT solder paste printers. It can be used to increase the time factor because of the dot distribution steps required for printing, where the components are mounted directly to a fixed location on the printed circuit board. Larger parts on the market now use artificial dispensers.

3, cleaning and testing

This can be said to be installed in the cleaning of electronic components and the final stage of the two steps of the detection of 2, we all know that the PCB is still useless to clean, the cleaning process is not what its position is fixed, the following need attention, For example, you can confirm that this is a masquerade inspection method. More sophisticated examples are the detection or augmentation of boundary-detection devices to detect, the most important of which is the need for surface mount electronics, which can be said to be directly related to the correct PCB action.

MT chip processing technology heat is very complex, many people will see this opportunity, especially in Shenzhen SMT chip processing plant after the electronics industry has been very mature place, chip processing has taken shape in the industry and Shenzhen needs Select SMT chip processing plant to handle many sophisticated technology units.