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Smt Chip Processing Process
Jan 17, 2018

  New product design, procurement of new materials for effective and reasonable verification;

Small batch SMT chip processing is performed in a regular manner and provides volume protection for follow-up products.

Second, SMT chip calibration processing range

As the company's new electronics product development a variety of new product upgrades, electronic verification of design changes of research and development comes in, experiments, new suppliers, improve the quality of new materials, test the PE department I will.

Third, SMT chip processing engineering responsibility

Small batch SMT chip handling personnel and product manufacturing.

Small quantity of SMT chip pilot production of proposed product points;

Prototype of bad data statistics

I am in charge of the small SMT SMT pre-production tool fixture.

"Work instructions" prescription at the beginning of test production;

Analysis and resolution of product problems in test production

Prototyping process of data collection and sorting.

Third, the processing quality of the provincial SMT chips

We are responsible for tracking and inspecting small prototypes of SMT chips.

Application and follow-up of prototype reliability test

Prototype reliability test and data provision

Provide technical support and participate in small batch pilot manufacturing process and process analysis and processing follow up.

SMT small batch chip processing reliability test failure processing;

Summary of R & D issues in small batch production trial reports;

The SMT small batch chip design process involves applications and changes.