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Smt Chip Processing And Production
Jan 08, 2018

  Now more and more intense market competition, PCB assembly plant in the region in an unparalleled position, the first is to reduce production costs. And to achieve this goal, the most important way is through the production line to improve production efficiency, in order to achieve. This article combined with the author's work to explore some practical steps to improve smt chip processing efficiency step.
Resettlement process
Smt chip processing by several devices, including screen printing machine, placement machine, reflow, etc., but in fact the speed of the production line by the placement machine decision. SMT production lines usually include a high-speed and high-precision placement machine, the former the first chip components of the computer, and its main components are IC and component distribution. When the full SMT process time for both engines (hereinafter referred to as placement time) is the same and smallest, the entire SMT line can maximize its throughput. In order to achieve this goal, we can cultivate the following resettlement plan.
Rationalize the number of components installed per device, keeping each device installed together. When in the first place we allocate and install every piece of equipment, there is often a gap between installation of all the equipment that needs to be adjusted to the cost of production on the production line according to the time it takes to install each piece, Part of the long moves to other devices to balance the load distribution.
Some of the principles are paradoxical in optimizing programs that require compromise to choose the best optimization solution. Software optimized for load distribution and equipment optimization, including equipment optimization and line balancing software. The device optimizer is optimized for placement and feeder configuration. After you have acquired BOM and CAD data, you can create a program configuration sheet and feeder. The optimizer will optimize the head placement and movement path to minimize the head. Move distance, saving installation time. Line balance software is an effective tool to optimize the entire production line. Optimization software uses a specific optimization algorithm. At present, optimization software already has a certain degree of intelligence, you can complete the optimization process faster and better.
The processing path is made up of several automation devices, and when devices are slower than other devices, these devices will become bottlenecks limiting the overall speed of the SMT production line. Based on the 19-week sampling of plants, common bottlenecks often occur when installing and removing bottlenecks can only be achieved by adding buffers. Of course, this requires a lot of money, but it can make full use of other equipment capacity than investing and then buy smt chip processing, more cost-effective. Depending on the type of machine line bottleneck, it is generally best to buy a high-speed multi-function placement machine because it combines the features of high-speed machining with high-precision machines and installed components. This range includes high-precision and high-speed machines that overcome the clogging caused by high-speed or high-precision machines. At present, the development trend of placement machine is moving in this direction, in order to meet the needs of the market.