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Smt Chip Factory Is How The Patch?
Nov 17, 2017

  Smt SMD processing plant is how the patch? smt chip processing plant there are many placement machines, then how do they work or the principle is what? There are many on the board above the capacitors, inductors, resistors, and other components, because of advances in technology, process requirements, components on the circuit board also requires less and less space, the more efficient, so research out of the patch Components, these components have a small footprint, the efficiency of the machine with a chip machine is very high, the problem is getting smaller and smaller. The following smt machine general introduction of the work steps are as follows: First of all, the PCB board brush paste, and then PCB can be smt chip processing. First move to the material take-off station. With Feida, the entire volume of SMD material; photographs and calculate the wafer position; according to the wafer rotation angle correction; calculated according to the wafer location smd accurate and move past; place the needle drive pressure, until the wafer affixed to the target Bit PCB board; after pressing back to take the bit; back to the first step, so reciprocating smt chip processing. According to the wafer angle correction; calculated according to the location of the target position of the wafer, and move past; needle suction pressure down until the wafer affixed to the target position; pressure back to the material after the bit; back to the first step, so reciprocating smt Chip processing.

   Will automatically send smt chip processed board, into the reflow, in order to be finished. When the placement machine starts when the placement machine is prone to bulk material, the emergence of such a problem is due to what caused it? This category can not be as the key to analyze the imported chip components, taking into account the cost of high-priced, easy to distinguish, but still should be to understand the correct handling of bulk materials Caixing. To the same length of tape with it with the same thin plate match; also use double-sided tape will be braided stick to the top of the plate, in order to better the position of the trough can be accurately aligned; the last is to prepare a good Can use the program, and then write a variety of related information. Re-enter the program can be the official patch, requires professional and technical staff, most people are not good to use automatically, otherwise the machine, the raw material is a great waste and injury.

After summarizing. smt chip processing plant patch the basic process is: automatic printing machine first brush paste - pcb board into the placement machine patch - patch check - into the reflow - the finished product - check - the board - Good board packaging - defective repair.