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Mar 01, 2017

  Consumer electronics GPS receiver product pcba motherboards assembly electronics contract manufacturing services OEM CEM EMS experience company—China Shenzhen Topscom

Using the GPS information and subject to the sophistication of installed GPS software, a GPS device used as an automobile navigation system may be used in a number of contexts, including:

maps, including street maps, displayed in human readable format via text or in a graphical format,

turn-by-turn navigation directions to a human in charge of a vehicle or vessel via text or speech,

directions fed directly to an autonomous vehicle such as a robotic probe,

traffic congestion maps (depicting either historical or real time data) and suggested alternative directions,

information on nearby amenities such as restaurants, fueling stations, and tourist attractions.

GPS devices may be able to indicate:

the roads or paths available,

traffic congestion and alternative routes,

roads or paths that might be taken to get to the destination,

if some roads are busy (now or historically) the best route to take,

The location of food, banks, hotels, fuel, airports or other places of interests,

the shortest route between the two locations,

the different options to drive on highway or back roads.