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Prospect Of Mechanical Design Technology
Jun 15, 2017

  Prospect of mechanical design technology

  In the future, mechanical design will penetrate into semiconductor manufacturing, bioengineering, nanotechnology and robotics industries, while contributing to social development, and constantly improve themselves, so that the theory of further innovation.

  (1) further system. From the system point of view, the mechanical products as a system or the whole, relying on computer technology, to achieve human, machine, environment and mutual coordination. Specifically, the system is decomposed into a number of subsystems, using a variety of modern design theory and methods, the pursuit of system optimization for the goal of coordination of the design and matching subsystems.

  (2) Deepen intelligent design. With the progress and development of science and technology, the design should consider the factors of intelligence more and more. A large number of design content can be modeled to describe the various operating conditions of mechanical products, the model can be used to predict the performance of products, the rationality and optimization of design. For example, all kinds of vehicle performance evaluation intelligent decision-making system, gearbox design expert system, fault diagnosis system, etc. have been used in the development of new vehicles design.

  (3) Pay more attention to green thought. Green design technology is to the product in its life cycle, according to environmental protection, the highest utilization of resources, the minimum energy consumption requirements to design technology. The designer from the whole cycle to consider the environmental attributes and basic attributes of the product, in the design always based on human physical and mental health, environmental protection and so on, at the same time, the design of the product can be recycled, the minimum damage to the environment.