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PCBA Processing Needs Attention
Dec 04, 2017

  Processing sub-plant PCBA processing, the processing staff will be in strict accordance with the bill of materials, PCB silk screen and outsourcing processing requirements for insertion or placement of components, but the electronic components are often in the processing staff do not pay attention to the situation, the total or More or less static electricity, and precisely because of these static discharge in the discharge of electromagnetic pulse, so that the computer operation error, serious, even the device and the line will cause damage. Therefore, only by doing a good job in anti-static measures to the maximum extent to protect the machines and components, then the PCBA processing how anti-static it? The following together with the surplus Ruifeng Electronics to understand.

▲ anti-static gloves and anti-static bracelet

▲ anti-static console and anti-static clothing

PCBA processing anti-static precautions are as follows:

1, but all the components and products have contact with people must wear anti-static clothing, wear anti-static bracelet, wear anti-static shoes.

2, anti-static system must have a reliable grounding device, pay attention to anti-static ground can not be connected to the power line, but can not be shared with the lightning protection ground.

3, for all components should be treated as electrostatic sensitive devices.

4, in the operation process, the use of anti-static countertops, and components and semi-finished products are used anti-static container in full bloom.

5, reliable grounding of welding equipment, electric iron is anti-static type, before use are subject to testing.

6, warehousing staff IQC testing and must wear anti-static gloves, the use of instruments and reliable grounding, countertops need to be covered with anti-static pads.

7, on a regular basis on the anti-static tools, settings and materials testing to confirm that they are in the required conditions.