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PCBA Processing Attention To Detail
Dec 18, 2017

To reduce the manufacturing cost of the PCBA is, but there are several ways, we need to design the first of the good, if you try to use a common plate, usually of the production process, increase the number of PCBA production, Cost reduction PCBA. Optimize the supply channel and do not select special, Pianmen electronic components. Try using the smt patch process, reduce the overall cost, using a large amount of procurement single production. In order to save PCBA manufacturing costs, we need to consider the details:

As shown in Figure 1, the size of the PCB board is an important point. The smaller the board size, the lower the cost. Part of the size of the PCB has become the standard trying to use the standard size of PCB's minimum cost.

Board, save more easily shipped time the SMT components, the arrangement of the machine, low processing fees, use of 2, SMT chip so you can handle post to high-efficiency, will be cheaper than the plug.

3, if the PCBA board component is a very dense, also, must be a detailed equipment than used for PCB layout is relatively higher, it is a reasonable arrangements for consideration design There is no doubt. On the other hand, use PCB material, in order to avoid problems such as power consumption is affecting the circuit, be careful by the design of the cable, should be good. The cost of these problems can be further reduced than PCB size savings.

4, the higher the PCB board cost of the more layers, the number of PCBs usually leads to an increase in size. It is necessary to consider that it is a reasonable choice.

5, drilling takes time, PCB guide holes, vias, sink less. It improves reliability and makes processing easier.

6, Technically, blind holes are more expensive than through holes. The main blind hole must have enough holes before fitting.

As shown in FIG. 7, the diameter of the guide hole on the PCB substrate is determined according to the diameter of the component pin. There are different types of the pin portion, but the machine is set up a new program, the center drill, will be replaced, it will not be able to use all of the holes drilled on the board in the same drill. It is relatively time-consuming and the manufacturing cost increases relatively. Select the type of parts you need to consider and try to use common components.

8, flying pin probing electronic test, more expensive than optical method. In fact, in general, optical tests are sufficient to ensure that the PCB has no errors.

Of PCB raw mill plurality of specifications boards or wrong size puzzle, if the manufacturing process of the PCB to produce a lot of scrap material, typically 1020 mm × 1020 mm and 1020 mm × 1220 millimeters, PCB is MILL thereof the price is, you will be added to the waste side of the expensive PCB board unit price board; then, the same size of the board or the raw materials puzzle size of equal n of the board, if the use of raw materials production scrap and customer complaints and claims, above while reducing costs, PCB MILL Hao, to take advantage of the board to the maximum, it is expected to open the same size of the raw materials, boards. It is the cheapest price. Therefore it is necessary to consider from the beginning of the design, departing from the source. Look for an experienced engineer and design.