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PCBA Processing Assembly Company
Dec 01, 2017

  PCBA assembly of electronic products before processing, must have some knowledge of the relevant materials or processes, it will not be mistaken, otherwise, it is likely to cause unnecessary waste, the relevant knowledge must be mastered.

Printed Circuit Board, PCB, or Printed Wiring Board (PWB), provides a framework for the assembly and support of electronic components. It also provides electrical links between components (R. S. Khandpur 2006). After the circuit layout of the software, the path, the hole to printing, etching, machining and other methods can be for users to assemble electronic components for testing. Provide precision printed circuit board manufacturing services, using advanced manufacturing equipment and continue to develop multi-layer PCB circuit board manufacturing technology to create high-quality single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCB. In addition, our flexible manufacturing lines and manufacturing capabilities provide our customers with a large number of manufacturing services and a small number of manufacturing services while meeting price and delivery time targets.

PCBA assembly of electronic products processing: refers to the electronic processing companies to undertake electronic processing projects commissioned by the client, the semi-finished electronic products assembly and assembly of finished products. The difference between the two is mainly whether the client finally received the product can be used directly. Electronic assembly process is very popular in developed countries and other places, which completely save the electronics developers in the plant rental, equipment purchase to spend a lot of money, saving production costs, improve product profitability. Manufacturers with long-term vision and market prospects will be more and more involved. However, there is a premise that the client needs to ensure that the processor has sufficient capacity and experience to ensure the correct production and delivery of the product in order to seize market opportunities.

  PCBA assembly quality control: quality control organization failed or does not meet the responsibility department or bad discovery department for untrue organizations to review and set up a problem solving group. Preventive measures are proposed by applying tools such as tests, simulations, data analysis, and QC practices, as well as appropriate proof-of-error design and quality control, for potential defects or nonconformances. In the case of adverse or nonconformities that have occurred, the problem solving team re-evaluate and approve the correction of relevant technologies, quality standards or improve the process or design level to confirm whether all products or processes related to the quality system have similar problems and conduct comprehensive prevention and Propose solutions.

  For the production of small batch PCBA assembly, the material is available, usually only 1-3 days. For different volume PCB manufacturing production, production cycle different. In the standard PCB production conditions, the length of the production cycle by the size of the decision.

In general, PCB assembly will be performed in the early stages of PCBA assembly. At this time, a certain engineering fee and assembly cost per PCBA will be charged. However, for the first proofing of a customer, we offer 50% discount. Mass production is based on the difficulty of the size of the process to determine the price, according to the total size of the rung batch size calculation.

Therefore, PCBA processing is a relatively complex process, relevant departments must work together to reduce the wrong operation, as soon as possible to deliver to customers, to meet customer requirements is the company's fundamental goal, we must attract everyone's attention.