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PCB Assembly Process
Jan 22, 2018

   Topsun Technology is a state key high-tech enterprise specializing in 6C-EMS stop / OEM electronics manufacturing services in the medical, communications, consumer electronics, digital content, auto parts, routes and other high-tech product industries. Our professional EMS products And services and solutions include companies, e-BOM materials procurement, structural parts manufacturing, SMT, PCBA manufacturing, rectifier assembly, rectifier test

SMT chip is based on the process of handling a series of short circuit PCB. PCB (printed circuit board). SMT is a surface mount technology (short for surface mount technology) and is currently the most commonly used technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. Surface mount technology (SMT) is known as surface mount technology or surface mount technology. This short lead or lead-free surface is a type of substrate or other printed circuit board (PCB, PCB) above the mounting surface of the surface (SMC / SMD, referred to as the chip component called China). Reflow or dip soldering Other methods and welding circuit assembly technology assembly. Under normal circumstances, we use electronic products, PCB capacitors, resistors and other electronic components in accordance with the rough design, requiring a variety of electronic SMT chip process to process I will.

Shenzhen smt chip processing

Common quality issues with Smt chip disposal include leaks, side blocks, rotating parts, partial bits, lost parts.

First of all, the factors leading to the lack of patches are:

As shown in Figure 1, the supply of spare parts is not suitable.

2, nozzle clogging, nozzle damage, nozzle height composition is not correct.

As shown in FIG. 3, a malfunction of the vacuum circuit device occurs.

4, the circuit board is broken, due to deformation,

6, the same part quality, uneven thickness;

7, in the placement machine prone to error in the process of patch processing, or the selected component thickness programming parameters are not correct.

8, human factors are misjudged.

Second, leading SMC resistance patch part, the main elements of one side:

1, part feeder (feeder) supply abnormalities.

2, the height of the first nozzle holder is wrong.

4, component tape hole size is too large, components flip vibration;

5, the reverse of the loose material in the tape.

Third, it led to the major components of SMD deviation:

1, Mounter programming, XY axis coordinate component is not correct.

2, SMD nozzle reasons, so that suction instability.

Fourth, repairing critical elements can cause damage:

1, Positioning pin is too high, the circuit board position is too high, the components are squeezed when installed;

2, Mounter programming, Z-axis coordinate component is not correct.

In order to avoid the relevance and quality issues of smt chip processing, companies need to take effective measures to prevent the recurrence of these problems. In other words, this can not be reduced. Since adjusting production is the key to solving the problem, Topscom's technology proposes the following measures.

1, choose the company's technical staff

In order to avoid interference with other factors, establish a comprehensive internal quality (TQC) network of agencies, quality feedback, timely and accurate selection of the best quality personnel, such as the quality inspector to go production line, quality management department, management will determine the quality of work .

2, to ensure the accuracy of testing and maintenance equipment

Product inspection and maintenance is necessary to install multimeter, anti-static wrist, iron, ICT and other equipment and equipment Therefore, the quality of the instrument itself directly affects the quality. According to the timely inspection and measurement requirements to ensure the reliability of the equipment. Ariedel's Offline AOI Detector, X-Ray Detector, LCR Bridge Detector, the Jingbang technology, with 60 times the accuracy of detection devices, such as digital microscopes, designed to meet the quality standards of each product to Make sure I will.