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Pcb Assembly Company
Aug 25, 2017

    Pcb assembly industry is rapidly using surface mount technology, PCBA industry, an important processing equipment is computer-controlled automated production equipment. The automated process of the equipment is the most advanced technology, independent development and design of the country of the company that takes a lot of time before the printed circuit of the programmer's board (PCB) for a large amount of data preparation and programming, electronic product manufacturer's specific product Ability to meet the characteristics of production requirements, shorten the production time, effective production time, shorten product development, must be updated with the market cycle. What is "Island Automation", which is connected to the automation and production of automation products designed and manufactured by products for building integration and organic information between CAD design systems and automated production equipment sharing between "segmentation" and information flow connections Elimination, is the computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) technology to solve this problem.
In the PCBA industry, the entity of the CIMS system is a paperless manufacturing information system that is built into the plant computer network and database to improve the quality, capacity and throughput of circuit components. The system can control and monitor assembly lines such as screen machines, dispensers, batch machines, plug-in machines, test equipment, and so on. When a problem occurs, CIMS can provide information to the operator or process engineer and indicate the exact location of the problem. A more complete CIMS system should have the following four elements:
First of all, the system to achieve the CAD and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) information integration, which is the most basic part of the CIMS system. Automated integration between automated design and automated manufacturing subsystems helps automate the conversion of CAD data into production equipment to generate data. This feature makes the product conversion on the production line very simple. If the product in the product has a conversion request, it can be automatically reflected in the machine program, test data and documentation via the CIMS system without the need to program or modify each device separately. This may take a few minutes because it takes a few days to achieve a product conversion in the last few hours.
Second, CIMS should provide tools for manufacturability analysis and testability analysis. It can design the department has put the whole infringing CAD file problem, manufacturing feasibility analysis, feedback to the design system in advance of parallel engineering, design and manufacturing system, improved design success and testability analysis tool is suitable for designer resources and Provides a fully measurable percentage analysis report that helps you plan and test effectively and help design engineers improve product testing.
Third, CIMS can consider the product assembly, machine sharing, delivery cycle requirements and other parameters through a comprehensive analysis, to provide a reference for the production plan, the system to maximize the production and assembly efficiency. CIMS can be used for short-term planning and can also be used for long-term strategic plant capacity.
Finally, the Pcb assembly will help balance the production line and process optimization. Optimize assembly by loading and aligning components, deploying and deploying components, and automatically adjusting the speed of the device. At the same time, the system must be able to assign accessories to the appropriate machine, or manually allocate the parts by manual assembly.