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Mechanical Design Is An Important Part Of Mechanical Engineering
Jun 15, 2017

  Mechanical design is an important part of mechanical engineering, is the first step of mechanical production, is the most important factor determining mechanical properties. The aim of mechanical design is to design the best machinery under various limited conditions (such as material, processing capability, theoretical knowledge and computational means, etc.) to make optimum design. Optimization design requires a comprehensive consideration of a number of requirements, generally: the best working performance, minimum manufacturing cost, minimum size and weight, the most reliable in use, the most low consumption and the least environmental pollution.

  These requirements are often contradictory, and their relative importance varies depending on the type and purpose of the machine. The designer's task is to weigh the situation according to the specific circumstances, to make the design machinery have the best comprehensive technical and economic effect. In the past, the optimization of design relies on the knowledge, experience and foresight of the designer. With the development of new disciplines such as basic theory of mechanical engineering and value engineering, system analysis, the accumulation of technical and economic data, and the popularization and application of computer, the optimization gradually abandons subjective judgment and relies on scientific calculation.

  Services in different industries of different machinery, the application of different working principles, the requirements of different functions and characteristics. The design of industrial machinery, especially the mechanical design of the whole and the whole system, must be dependent on the relevant industrial technology and difficult to form an independent discipline. Therefore, agricultural machinery design, mining machinery design, textile machinery design, automotive design, ship design, pump design, compressor design, steam turbine design, internal combustion engine design, machine tool design and other professional mechanical design branch disciplines. However, many of these professional designs have many common technologies, such as institutional analysis and synthesis, force and energy analysis and calculation, engineering materials, material strength, transmission, lubrication, sealing, and standardization, reliability, process, optimization, etc. In addition, there is a new design methodology to study the inherent laws of design work and the rational steps and methods of design. The general technology of mechanical design and the rational design methodology are integrated into an independent, comprehensive mechanical design discipline is the work of mechanical engineering practice and educators.