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Highly Flexible Sheet Bending Bending You Can Take Beautiful Photo
Jul 05, 2016

United States Colombia University (Columbia University), Department of computer engineering, thin, researchers have developed a new type of camera can be coated on the surface of daily necessities, to capture cannot be 1 or more traditional camera image.

By Columbia Professor Shree k. Nayar and T.C. Chang led the members of the research team also includes the school's research engineer Daniel Sims, post-doctoral researcher Yonghao Yue, they designed and created a soft lens array, capable of bending in the slice camera adjust its optical characteristics. This adjustable characteristics of optical thin slice camera can produce high quality images in every State.

Sims is expected to be in May this year in Illinois, Northwestern University (Northwestern University), International Conference on computational photography (ICCP) published on the latest progress of the study.

"Today's camera is basically a single point in space to capture the world," Nayar said, "while the camera industry has been shrinking camera size and remarkable progress has been made to improve the image quality, but we wanted to explore a different way of Imaging. We believe that there are many applications require large size but very thin and highly flexible camera. ”