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Facebook Technology Roadmap Of The Decade: AI, AR/VR, Solar Satellites
Jul 05, 2016

Facebook recently in United States at the F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco public its blueprint for the next 10 years, the blueprint across their application ecosystem, to solar-powered satellites that provide Internet links, the ultimate goal is artificial intelligence and virtual reality (VR)/amplified reality (AR).

"Has long we focused Yu three big field-the-the let all links Internet, and let service more intuitive and using more natural of artificial intelligence, and help we share and spread increased this world of virtual/spread increased real border;" Facebook Executive Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) in F8 developers Assembly topic speech in the said, to achieved above vision, has most depends on links world of people-the-the and let those people can Shang Facebook or its Messenger platform.

Zuckerberg said that worldwide more than 4 billion people do not have Internet access, because they cannot be made, cannot afford or lack of awareness, to resolve the problem: another Facebook made executives pointed out that, one-third don't have a broadband connection in the world, Zuckerberg said the company will soon launch a solar startup drones, in sub-Saharan Africa (sub-Saharan Africa) to provide Internet links.