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Computer StorageConceptual Understanding
Aug 28, 2017

If you directly say that storage, for many people, it will be a more abstract concept, especially non-computer professionals. So what exactly is the store? We can refer to examples of our lives to understand.

There is a word in our life called "Sheng, loaded", such as we have a bowl to "Sheng" rice, a cup to "install" water. Similarly, we have memory to store the computer's data. There is not a little bit of understanding, we live things are visible, or can be touched, or can feel, so we have a more impressive impression, but for the computer data, most people do not know in the end is what. In fact, only 0 and 1 are stored inside the computer, the data in the computer is a collection of 0 and 1 (that is, a pile of 0 and 1). The relationship between rice and bowl is like the relationship between (0 and 1) and memory. One is the need to dress the contents of a container is a dress. Once we have the concept of storage, we can begin to understand the size of the storage.

Such as the home of the tap water, when the unit is usually used to pay tons (because the water density is basically the same, we can also use the volume to represent the water unit), now suppose we have a large pool, Ton of water, we define a ton of water as the basic unit. So, for computer data, we have memory, the contents of the storage is 0 or 1, we put a 0 or a 1 called 1 bit. Bit is the smallest unit of data stored in the computer. Here 0 and 1 compare water, bit corresponds to tons. Storage, we can have different containers, such as water, we can use the pool to install, you can use the barrel, you can use pots, or even water pipes to install. Similarly, for the computer's data, our memory has memory, hard disk, CD-ROM, u disk and so on. So, memory, hard disk, CD, u disk What is the difference between these memories?

In fact, the container is similar to the water, the memory is different, you can store the capacity of different, in general, a bucket can be installed water is certainly more than a ladle. We are based on whether the stored content will be lost after power failure, divided into permanent and non-permanent memory. Such as hard disk, you download songs, movies stored in the hard disk, shut down, the next boot these data are still, so the hard disk is a permanent memory. Besides memory, the memory of the data is temporary storage, the data will be lost after the shutdown (here non-computer professional can not understand, probably know on it) Since it is used to save the data, why engage in so many tricks The

It is necessary to talk about the problem of money, and if we need to store water, we can repair a pond, you can also buy a bucket, the money you can repair a large pool, poor point you can only buy a bucket.

In the computer, the memory cost is relatively higher than the hard drive, but the memory speed, so people with their own bit, assembled into the current computer.

Summary: The memory is different

1. Storage capacity is different 2. Storage speed is different 3. Whether it can be permanently saved

Summary: The capacity of the memory

1. A 0 or a 1 is a 1 bit, also known as 1 bit

2. Eight combinations of 0 and 1, called 1Byte, 1 byte

3.1024 Byte called 1 kb

4.1024 kb called 1 mb (a song is generally about 3mb to 20mb, that is, a 3mb song is composed of 25165824 0 and 1)

5.1024 mb called 1GB (hard disk is generally about 300GB to 500GB)

6.1024 GB known as 1TB (now the hard drive also has 1TB and above)

7.1024 TB called 1PB (this is already a large unit, and ordinary people simply do not use)

1. hard disk 2. memory 3.u disk