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Computer Storage Data Security
Jun 01, 2017

  Computer Storage Data Security

  The most important thing in computer security is the security of stored data, the main threats are: computer virus, illegal access, computer electromagnetic radiation, hardware damage and so on.

  A computer virus is a hidden applet attached to the software, which, like other computer programs, destroys normal programs and data files. A vicious virus can crash the entire computer software system and destroy all the data. To prevent virus attacks are mainly to strengthen management, not access to unsafe data, the use of anti-virus software and timely upgrade updates.

  Illegal access refers to the misappropriation or falsification of legal identity, access to computer systems, the extraction of data from computers or modification transfer, replication and so on. One way to prevent it is to add the security mechanism of the software system so that the thief cannot enter the system in a legal capacity. such as increasing the legal user's logo recognition, increase the password, give the user different permissions, so that they can not freely access the data areas should not be accessed. The second is the encryption of data processing, even if the thief into the system, no key, can not read data. Three is to set up the operation log in the computer, the important data reads, writes, the modification carries on the automatic record.

  Because the computer hardware itself is a powerful source of radiation to space, such as a small radio station, the frequency of tens thoughtful hundreds of megacycles. The thief can receive the electromagnetic wave radiated by the computer and recover the data from the computer. To this end, computer manufacturers to increase the radiation protection measures, from the chip, electromagnetic devices to the circuit board, Power, turntable, hard disk, display and connection lines, are fully shielded to prevent electromagnetic radiation. Further, the room or the entire office building can be shielded, if there is no condition to build a shielding room, you can use the jammer, to issue interference signals, so that the receiver can not receive a useful signal normally.

  Computer memory hardware damage, so that computer storage data is not readable is also common. There are several ways to prevent the occurrence of such accidents, one is to regularly copy the useful data to save, once the machine has failed, can be repaired after the useful data copied back. The second is the use of RAID technology in the computer, while the data exists on multiple hard disks; In the security requirements of the special occasions can also use dual-host, a host problem, the other host still running.