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Chinese Electronics OEM Advantage
Dec 28, 2017

  With the increasing popularity of computer information technology in recent years, processing technology has also made great progress in other uses. Taking the Chinese electronics OEM technology as an example, it analyzes the advantages of processing technology.

First of all, the density of smt processing technology is quite high. As the chip package from the above area of view, compared to the original conventional volume is reduced, so that its overall and the quality of the original specification assembly has also been reduced. The processing technology is very demanding, only sophisticated equipment and processing technology to accurately install the small circuit board.

Second, the process of China's electronic products OEM high reliability. Due to the size and weight of the part, it has better seismic resistance and thus better stability in the production line. The entire process uses a smart automated production system, which increases the reliability of the installation process. In general, the welding rate using this process is relatively low, less than one hundred thousandth.

Third, the process of China's electronic products OEM significantly reduces the required area of the printed circuit board, thus reducing the input costs. At the same time increase the number of holes on the printed circuit board can effectively improve the utilization, saving maintenance costs. With the reduction in the number of production equipment, the factory cost of packaging and shipping is also greatly reduced.

Fourth, OEM components of Chinese electronic products are usually short clues to reduce the influence of parasite capacity so that high-frequency circuits can be produced and installed more efficiently. At the same time, automating the production process can more effectively improve the efficiency of the assembly process and bring more benefits to the plant.