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China Turnkey Electronics Products Oem
Dec 26, 2016

   automotive electronics high density light modules pcba assembly electronics contract manufacturing services OEM CEM EMS experience company—China Shenzhen Topscom.

   Ultra High Density (UHD) System of 2U, 1U and 0U chassis is a platform offering modular splicing solution. UHD modules can feature special internal splice management housing conveniently up to 24 x splice positions. 2U rack space can contain up to 288 splice positions. Both LC (Up to 24 x ports per module) and SC (Up to 12 x ports per module) interfaces are provided. Modular splice system is ideal for Telco infrastructure. Natural demarcation by splice module provides easy selective access to installed/ spliced infrastructure and provides easy way of expending or changing services. Modules can be easily handled and splice work can take place in convenient position away from module destination rack position. Modules can be supplied with factory populated pigtails set or as an empty units.