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China Pcba Manufacturing
Jun 29, 2017

China Pcba manufacturing, come together to support and our science and technology for the production of modern manufacturing from the traditional, the core competitiveness is no longer the production of low, low-cost, cheap labor competition in the past, it improved the advanced Technology and excellent branding, feel and delivery in a timely and low integrated manufacturing cost, and valuable service to customer satisfaction. Foxconn's salary will lead to a new round of labor-intensive manufacturing cost pressures, but the appearance of labor shortage is still forced to continue to fly on the surface was stressed. For this purpose, we are industrial engineering technology, with its electronic assembly, electronic assembly process of the combination of innovative processes, you need to learn the organic combination of electronic manufacturing to achieve automation.
China Pcba Manufacturing is the general electronic assembly association standard "Electronic Assembly Appearance Quality Acceptance Condition", IPC - A - 610E - 2011 has been implemented with established standards. It is, but it can be used as an international quality inspection standard, and if it has been covered, it also recognizes that you can add any special processing requirements to the electronic components manufacturing industry customers have always considered tin to prohibit single-sided welding, special components Such as components. Improve the reliability of solder welding, because it needs to measure the solder monitoring, should consider the assembly process. The thermal efficiency of manual welding, so as not to affect the reliability of the product, you need to consider the assembly process. To create a level of assembly quality on the steps.
As the name implies, the demand for electronic manufacturing services to promote the "electronic hard cover" concept of electronic product assembly is fine in order to meet the general requirements of the electronic manufacturing process. Some factories in the process of quality, enough attention, in many cases, the concept of manufacturing, is the problem of adequate management is not a customer complaint, it is not clear. We must implement the concept of electronic hard cover. In other words, to make the best deal of production, we must strive to achieve the expectation of exceeding the customer.
China Pcba manufacturing is the most important and most important content, has introduced new products NPI, processing and manufacturing PCBA will play an important role. Good product manufacturing, the appropriate process design, the quality of the material, the delivery can not be superior from the foundry technology (process) management function due to the introduction of the material manufacturing quality, and the separation of new product management.