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China Pcb Assembly Manufacturer
Nov 22, 2017

  pcba OEM contractor package material? This is the two versions, but the meaning is the same. pcba foundry refers to the material, the customer orders, to the entire information, our processing plant to achieve one-stop processing services to help customers buy materials, of course, our funds to advance the material section, which is substituting materials, foundry is to help customers Processing, charge part of the cost of OEM, at the same time you can paste the customer specified brand. pcba contractor package material, which means that all costs, materials have our side out, and even monthly, the benefits can reduce the financial pressure and improve turnover, a great benefit to customers.

  First talk about pcba processing is how the same thing? In the electronics industry, the earliest use of PCB board plug in a lot of electronic components to complete the function of the entire circuit board. There is also this. However, with the advancement of electronic technology, the requirements of the volume continue to decrease. There surface mount technology. That is, all the SMD components mounted on the PCB board, and then plug the components soldered PCB circuit board, which is called PCBa processing.

   So pcba foundry material is what meaning? With the development of the electronics industry, the social division of labor is getting smaller and smaller. If you do a professional component, a professional PCB board, a professional electronic products. Then of course there are professional PCBA processing. pcba processing is divided into two situations. One is the processing. That the customer components to the processing plant, processing plant according to customer requirements for processing, only charge processing fees. This situation requires a certain amount, or processing plants are unwilling to do, will be at a loss. There is also a case that customers provide processing information, process documentation. The various electronic components used by the purchasing agent purchasing processing plants, while charging processing fees, that is what we usually say PCBA foundry. Customers get is pcba board with electrical functions, just returned to the factory to become the finished assembly, efficiency has greatly improved.

   Therefore, to achieve a lot of benefits pcba foundry material, one finished product processing plant saves a lot of time and focus on the main work, such as optimizing the product structure, increase product features, market development. Second, professional pcba foundry processing plant, concentrate on processing, materials to achieve large-scale procurement, the cost has been reduced, higher processing efficiency, the process is more advanced. The fine division of labor for electronic processing industry more concise, simple.