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China Pcb Assembly
Jan 26, 2018

  PCB board assembly process requirements 1. The first welding PCB board is completed, is the uniform number. Please mark clearly on the front of the board with a marker. Lost token processing, to prevent the cleaning process, you should write the same number on the board (usually on the looper 96 side). For ease of management, this figure should be kept forever. Accountant number management is responsible. 2. During the avoidance of handling, shipping and storage of substrates, care is taken to minimize bumps and scratches on the surface of the component, and typically the laminate (ie, facing or back to back) the separator and alignment plate, and vice versa. 3. To prevent static electricity, gloves are necessary to expose the active components. If the scene is unconditional, we must take safety measures to ensure the safety of the equipment. 4. After testing, by the PCB test (ie, according to the machine conditions), the operator must post-verify the entire board: (1) block the high pin, remove the residue and clean the metal. (2) Front fly line should be able to use the hidden, it is necessary to take the shortcut fly principle, a line covered with a layer of glass and plastic glass, fixed, only longer plastic frying. (3) clear the extra mark (such as debugging process to solve the problem). Cut out extra parts completely. (4) Equipment with the same color as the tailgate must be basically the same. Screws, washers, bail must be exactly the same. Check all types of screws and tighten. (5) Use a brush to clean the surface so that there is no dust and dirt on the boards and boards. Cotton ball impregnation solution to remove dirt, but also pay attention to remove residual cotton. Before taking technical measures to ensure the quality and safety of the premise, carefully repair the product, if necessary (6) PCB pad, the new machine in order to break it can not. 5. Repair device PCB board processing principle Ibid repair. Depending on the PCB board, you are responsible for testing the subject of the above work, repairing and installing the components, then inspecting and repairing them.