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China Medical Pcb Assembly
Aug 23, 2017

  Medical pcb components are increasingly important, the reliability of assembly is an important symbol of electronic competitiveness. Reflow solder paste printing quality control method to improve the stability of the PCB board assembly and the five paths, through the appropriate selection of components, analysis of the reliability of the board to support the key factors.
  The rapid development of information technology sector, modern weapons systems, especially the content and status has become an important factor in determining the comprehensive strength of weapons and equipment, electronic product quality directly determines the efficiency of weapons and equipment on the battlefield in particular to improve the quality of existing electronic products, Is to improve the reliability of medical pcb components is particularly urgent. This white paper describes how to improve the reliability of PCB components in five areas: the rational choice of components, the design of the board design, the layout and direction design of the parts, the solder paste printing and reflow quality control.
Reasonable choice of design of medical pcb components is a key part of the ring. Depending on the process design, equipment and overall design requirements, the SMC / SMD package type and structure are selected for the electrical performance and functionality of the identified components and are critical to line design density, manufacturability, testability and reliability. [1]. PCB circuit design, and to meet the specifications and specifications of the production equipment market, the existing precision components suppliers, SMT components and specifications to achieve the same function, a variety of different structure of the integrated circuit can choose a variety of packages.
Medical pcb components In the case of chip resistors, chip capacitors and chip inductors, the common problem is that the pad design and component size do not match. The size of the pad is much larger than the size of the component and the solder is connected by welding, which causes the element to break during vibration and the pad size is smaller than the external dimensions of the component.