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China Industry Electronics Manufacturing Services Manufacturer
Aug 16, 2017

    Industrial electronic manufacturing services refer to the large-scale use of industrial resources (materials, energy, equipment, tools, funds, technology, information and manpower) in accordance with market requirements, through manufacturing and service processes, And consumer products industry. Manufacturing industry is often involved in product development and design, raw materials procurement, manufacturing, outsourcing outsourcing, warehousing and transportation, wholesale and retail, after-sales service and other product life cycle of the whole process.
   Industrial electronic manufacturing services can be divided into consumer goods and industrial products. Consumer goods refers to the final product directly to the final consumer, such as mobile phones, television, clothing, food, medicine and so on. And industrial products (Industrial goods) refers to the purpose of reproduction for the purpose of the product, including industrial intermediates, such as raw and auxiliary materials, motors, circuit boards, molds and other parts; final industrial products, such as machine tools, engineering machinery, Wait. In addition, the manufacturing industry has a very important business model, that is, manufacturing services. Such as outsourcing, outsourcing and OEM production, supporting the design, supporting processing; and manufacturing enterprises to provide research and development design, simulation analysis, inspection and testing, maintenance and other professional technical services. The end-users of industrial products for enterprises, in the procurement requirements, procurement processes, production control and quality control has a greater difference.
     Industrial electronics manufacturing services due to different areas and uses of industrial products and business requirements are different, a considerable number of industrial products are not yet have the environment to carry out e-commerce business. And for most enterprises, the bulk or the amount of large purchases need to return the goods after the traditional business model, such business is often not suitable for electricity business platform transactions. So the electricity business platform is often a window of enterprise product promotion services, to attract potential customers attention, and promote line docking, and through the traditional way to achieve the transaction process.