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China Electronics Manufacturing Services
Sep 01, 2017

  At present, China has become a global electronics manufacturing service information product manufacturing base is an indisputable fact, and this position in the future for a long period of time will not change.

    With the SMT technology in the computer, network communications, consumer electronics and automotive electronics and other products in a wide range of applications, China's electronic manufacturing services have ushered in the development of the golden age of history.

   SMT production quality control methods and measures in the increasingly fierce competition in electronic products today, improve product quality has become one of the most critical factors in SMT production. Product quality level is not only the enterprise technology and management level of the logo, but also with the survival and development of enterprises solidarity. This article will combine the production of the actual situation of the unit, on how to control the production quality of SMT production site to do discussion and exchange.

First, China's electronic information products manufacturing industry in the global shortcomings still can not shake, but also will continue to maintain a high growth rate.

   Although the current global smart phones, tablet PCs and smart wear equipment and other products to complete the basic transfer to China, but this does not mean that the future of China's electronic information products manufacturing industry, the lack of new growth point. From the current point of view, the next wave of shift will focus on the global smart car electronics manufacturing industry.

Second, the world's largest EMS manufacturers will maintain the trend of transfer or expansion to China. Faced with fierce market competition, the world's major EMS manufacturers have been starting from 2002 have started the production base of the strategic shift, and has a huge domestic market and mature and perfect industrial chain has become such a large number of EMS manufacturers can not let go of the land. So far, including Foxconn, Flextronics, the new Asia and Asia, Jabil, Tianhong Group, the world's five major EMS service providers have set up manufacturing bases in China, and China's global business in the proportion of EMS manufacturers is still rapidly increasing in.

Third, the rapid growth in the use of chip components will also drive the market demand for SMT equipment continues to expand. At present, China's electronic components, although the chip rate of more than 60%, but relative to the international electronic products SMT rate of 90%, there is still a certain gap, so China SMT industry is still a good space for development.

Fourth, in the increasingly important situation in the Chinese market, the world's major manufacturers of organic placement machine began to significantly improve the level of production in China, the basic assembly in China, which also led to China's SMT industry as a whole rising. The industrial structure will be guided by the welding equipment as the main guide to the placement machine.

  China's electronic manufacturing services such a great situation, mainly the Chinese government departments attach great importance to the development of electronic information products manufacturing industry, developed a good development policy, the introduction of policy.