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China Electronics Manufacturing Services
Aug 09, 2017

    Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in the narrow sense refers to the various types of electronic products to provide industry manufacturing services to outsource manufacturing in the name. Broadline, including the entire supply chain solution from design / development, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and aftermarket maintenance. At present, EMS's leading manufacturers can provide services for branded customers such as electronic product design, engineering development, raw material supply and management, manufacturing, testing and after-sales service, in addition to trademark sales.
(2) The background and development process of the electronic manufacturing service industry
The EMS industry is the result of the electronics industry's electronics industry. In the global electronics industry, vertical integration and horizontal division of the dual trend of the process, the brand gradually design, marketing and brand management as a basic skill, relatively difficult to deal with manufacturing outsourcing, electronic manufacturing services industry has emerged as an international electronics industry chain An important part of. EMS industry also includes the following specific reasons:
① electronic product development cycle to shorten the price changes, the brand through the service provider EMS has advanced production technology and cost control in the short term development and production of quality products and reasonable prices to speed up the pace of new product market, increase market share;
Brand manufacturers will be outsourced to professional EMS service providers to better achieve the unique (BTO, built-in orders) and custom production (CTO, custom orders) and other production models to meet the consumer world. Different needs
③ brand operators and EMS service providers through collaboration, efficient functional division and risk sharing, focusing on research and development and marketing and other departments to improve the core rate of return on capital and competitiveness.
The development of the EMS industry has been a gradual process from initial professional to providing manufacturing services to the brand and has gradually evolved to cover all product lifecycle services including manufacturing products including product design and termination of life from a variety of services:
① the beginning of electronic manufacturing services, the brand because of its own production capacity will be part of the manufacturing industry (mainly SMT investment process), professional investment company mainly for the brand to provide activities PCB layout, the main product PCBA (Circuit Board Set), belonging to the traditional processing mode.
② With the further division of the industrial chain sector, brand operators and EMS service providers in accordance with the product, engineering development and technology gradually design, continue to grow and develop, material procurement, testing and logistics and after-sales chain outsourcing.
At present, EMS service providers to provide specific services, including the following four levels: First, from the product concept, planning to product prototype development process, involved in the development of the design, engineering and other avant-garde work; Second, the traditional manufacturing EMS (mainly PCB layout ); Third, supply chain materials procurement management services; Fourth, product testing