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China Electronics Manufacturing Services
Jul 06, 2017

China Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), also known as ECM (Electronic Contract Manufacturing), the Chinese translation of professional electronic foundry services.

Compared to traditional OEM or ODM services only provide product design and OEM production, EMS manufacturers provide knowledge and management services, such as material management, logistics, and even provide product maintenance services.

China's electronic manufacturing services are now a variety of electronic products, especially notebook computers, mobile phones and other products, no matter what brand is a lot of professional electronic foundry service providers to OEM production, brand name is sometimes only to provide brand, design, Monitoring, technical support. So it can be said that these EMS suppliers are behind the heroes of selling products.

China's electronics manufacturing services industry can be said to be from scratch, from small to large. The development of enterprises reflects the changes in the industry. China's local EMS enterprises after more than 10 years of development, has formed a certain scale for the development of China's electronics industry has made tremendous contributions, but also led to the development of upstream and downstream industries, in particular, led the upstream equipment materials industry and downstream end consumer products development of.

In 2016, the world's top 50 electronics manufacturing service (EMS) sales revenue of 270 billion US dollars, compared with 2015, 273 billion US dollars fell by 1%. Mainly due to poor performance of top EMS companies, such as Foxconn, and Shuo. In addition to the two companies, the remaining 48 companies in the 2016 collective growth of 1.5%. Rank is based on sales of $ 2016. The strength of the dollar has hurt the relative sales of many European and Asian companies.