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China Backplanes Pcba Assembly Fabrication
Nov 15, 2017

  One of the most important aspects that distinguish OEM manufacturers (EMS) is product quality measurement. Manufacturers of pcba assembly manufacturing technology functions and business operations control status are most directly reflected in the quality of the measured product.

1 Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Development

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Services) About 40% of ODMs and OEMs in the world have outsourced their manufacturing outsourcing in the manufacturing of electronic clauses, as well as a major OEM production model, and this percentage is up . However, the profit is mainly in the electronics manufacturing services of OEM manufacturers in the past few years, raising our labor cost and reducing each year in the form of labor-intensive labor. The main erosion of his starting income and expenditure has lost its former glory. For more EMS companies (contractors), but also to depreciate the unit with the product, reduce the rush to a lower price at a hoping to start two shifts per day, which is possible for a business outsourcing EMS company PCBA assembly or 3 can make a shift , Gadeukneun more interested in operating equipment at full capacity expensive equipment and reduce labor costs per unit of product to reduce the total cost of equipment depreciation.

One of the most important aspects that distinguish OEM manufacturers (EMS) is product quality measurement. Manufacturing technology functions and business operations control status most directly reflected in the product quality.

2 customers pcba assembly quality requirements

OEM PCBA assembles the quality requirements of customers, especially in the contract manufacturing industry to drive the growth of consumer market, but I want to get a higher return, more and more margin requirements and quality continue to improve the contrast. Focusing on the necessary control of the PCBA component's peripheral casting is that part of the bottom of the electronic information product that varies from part to part, manufacturing equipment, and system reliability. It appears that outsourcing companies, especially multinationals, are fully aware of our full knowledge of Fortune 500 customers in the long-term OEM PCBA process. As a common standard of both parties, "IPC-A-610E-2010 Electronic Assembly Manufacturable" is generally used.

pcba assembly In order to understand the workpiece assembly applied to a completely standard, actual production process reference for casting quantify the operation, design and manufacturing capabilities of communication and customer process improvement Each expression to create a smooth OEM Maintain customer design and impulse Guarantee the quality of evidence-based foundry customer is to understand the unreasonable, adapt to the actual casting.

3.pcba assembly detection and understanding of the important role

The third inspection of the management of the inspection activities, it is to determine whether to meet the requirements of the control quality records of all aspects of OEM production activities as evidence. The PCBA assembly controls the manufacturing process and focuses on establishing a stable impulse to achieve the concept of "manufactured product" that is not capable of being controlled and monitored to check that the target processing is much more reproducible.