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China Backplane Pcba Assembly Manufacturing Design
Oct 26, 2017

  The Chinese backplane pcba assembles the specific functions of the PCB part process according to the order of the printed circuit board components, various electronic components, electromechanical components and structural parts mounted at the designated locations of the PCB.

PCBA is basically divided into three types: full assembly, profile and double-sided. Different assembly types have different assembly characteristics In order to minimize PCBA quality and assembly costs, the assembly process optimization creates a specific assembly process by finding a cost / benefit balance for a comprehensive assessment of the various aspects.

According to the actual PCBA, you can adjust the complete PCBA assembly process design. The main point of process control is through SPI, AOI, AXI, ICT, FCT and other monitoring and measurement data statistical analysis, optimization of solder paste printing, repair, reflow / wave soldering / manual welding process parameters This can improve manufacturing efficiency, speed up the flow rate, and achieve better quality.

  China backplane pcba assembly manufacturing In order to achieve the flexibility of the assembly line, in the past large-scale production methods, the rapid decomposition of a single species, more varieties, a small amount of production methods. Equipment arrangements for batch equipment, welding equipment and test equipment shall be designed according to the probability of the assembly process and the fault spectrum. The AOI test can perform solder paste detection or reflow before the component inspection to prevent defects, improve the process, improve SMT quality, reduce warranty costs, complete AXI test of welding, test to achieve welding process parameter control, to prevent welding defects, FCT test completed Final testing, welding performance testing, electrical performance testing, can greatly reduce the poor quality of customer product transmission performance. For those who do not have the ability to purchase AXI test equipment manufacturers, not only can provide their own functional test design applications, but also can improve product quality.

One is centralized production and management control of a complete assembly and anti-static workplace EPA configuration. EPA is usually used to manufacture antistatic safety tables and antistatic mats, antistatic mats, antistatic zone warning signs, antistatic parts boxes (bags), antistatic rotating vehicles, PCB aircraft, logistics vehicles, turnover boxes, , Anti-static soldering iron and tools and equipment and other protective equipment and other components. The construction of the EPA area includes frequent activities such as surface assembly and post-production lines (manufacturing, inspection, boarding, testing, distribution, etc.), maintenance areas, quality control areas, warehouses and material distribution areas.

  China backplane pcba assembly manufacturing, the effectiveness of anti-static measures on a regular basis to verify the implementation. Employees must be carried out daily in antistatic areas. Each task must be performed before the electrostatic check of the safety check.