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Aerospace Defence Equipped With Aviation Integrated Attack And Defense System
Oct 23, 2017

Aviation Defense zone refers to the aircraft carrier formation in response to the threat from the air, sea, underwater, electromagnetic four-dimensional space to set up operations, equipped with aviation integrated attack and defense system. Generally divided into the outer zone, the central sector and the inner sector.

Aircraft carrier formations often Rungo in the ocean, at any time may be facing from the air, sea, underwater, electromagnetic four-dimensional space threat. Therefore, the aircraft carrier must have to deal with air, sea, underwater and electromagnetic four-dimensional space of combat, equipped with aviation integration of offensive and defensive system, focusing on the prevention of air and underwater threats.

Outer perimeter

First layer: Outside the perimeter, also known as the depth of the standoff, from the carrier 185b400 kilometers. This layer of defense is carried out by Shipborne fighters, reconnaissance aircraft, early warning aircraft, anti-submarine machines and nuclear submarines.

Central Sector

The second level: the central zone, or regional defense zone, generally from the aircraft carrier 45b185 km, mainly by the aircraft carrier Battle group in the cruiser, the protection of the ship to implement.

Inner perimeter

The third layer: the inner zone, or the point Defense area, defense depth from the aircraft carrier 0.1b45 km, also mainly by the carrier battle group in the escort ship implementation.

From the formation of modern aircraft carrier formation can be seen, it is from the modern air defense requirements, in order to be able to simultaneously solve the discovery and destruction of the enemy's launch platform and the discovery and destruction of incoming missiles and the design, selection of the best plan, that is, to take a three-dimensional defense contract war Each country aircraft carrier formation all strives to establish the air defense omni-directional, the entire space, three-dimensional, the deep depth attack and defense network.

United States

The U.S. aircraft carrier formation uses three defensive barriers: the first is the aircraft carrier-centric outer perimeter, the radius of 185~400 kilometer defense network. Defensive task mainly by F-14 or $literal fighter and $literal Early warning machine, the formation of a target attack on the axis of the sector, known as Combat Air Patrol. $literal in the sea over 9000 meters high altitude flight, its radar detection distance can be extended from the fan to the outside 200 nautical miles, can guide 40 F-14 fighter aircraft to meet enemy, command a-6e and other attackers attack enemy ships, bombing enemy inland deep targets.

The second layer is the central area, or regional defense area, from the aircraft carrier 45 (or 50) ~158 km. The defense mission is mainly carried out by the frigate boats arranged around the aircraft carrier. Its main detection equipment for the early warning machine, reconnaissance aircraft, long-range surveillance radar, by the patrol sample ships and destroyers on the "standard" ship-air missile to intercept the first layer of defense against the enemy aircraft and missiles, $literal electronic fighter in the periphery, the incoming air targets of electronic interference.

The third layer is for the perimeter defense, or the point of defense zone, defense depth from the aircraft carrier 0.1~45 km. In this defensive zone, can be divided into multiple interception levels: in the target distance from the fleet 15~45 km with "standard" ship-air missile interception; at 15 km, use "Sea Sparrow" warship air missile interception; If the target continues to prevent, 6 km from the aircraft carrier, it is possible to use the "pull" rolling missile interceptor in the future; finally by "dense array" Multi-Tube rapid fire artillery (effective range of 1.5 km) and electronic warfare weapons to intercept.


The aircraft carrier Formation Air Defense of CIS also adopts the layered defense mode of the deep gradient and high-density configuration of antiaircraft force weapon. The service of the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, which contains the 27 and MiG-29 fighter jets, is comparable to that of the United States F-14 and $literal, with a considerable capacity to make the formation defenses more effective against aerial threats. Prior to this, formation air defense is the "Kiev" class aircraft carrier for the core deployment of three defensive ring: 180 km Remote defense by Jacques-38 bear: 60 km of medium-range defense by the Sa-n-3 Air missile intercept 28 km of short-range defense by the Sa-n-4 ship-air missile and the six-tube 30 mm rapid Fire cannon bear.