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Absence Of Lee, Founder Of Several Publishing Mavericks Electric M1
Jul 05, 2016

The afternoon of April 21, cow technology founders and executives in Beijing released four new calves and colorful electric M1 series, compared to the previous generation N1, new vehicles are smaller, smarter, better looking, and mileage to 120km, has five colors optional.

Dallas electric M1 vehicles designed by Chinese designer Liu Chuankai fencing. Liu Chuankai (Carl Liu) as Mavericks electric M1 series concept designer, from BMW design center (China) outgoing Design Director, joining the bull technology and design of the firm Vice President with overall responsibility for product design.

The body using integrated streamlined design, triple-Japan import PU paint. Body placed in the motorcycle class structures, truss integrated fence frame, aluminum alloy casting arm, ergonomically designed cushion and comfort. Through the frame, materials, new design of battery packs and shock absorbing elements, achieved a sharp reduction in vehicle weight, minimizes battery pack from 8-10 kg 6.5 kg.

Dynamic, high performance Bosch built-in motor, offers two models of energy-saving, power options, supporting cruise used comes from Panasonic, LG and Samsung powered lithium batteries, battery weight ratio increased by 20% over maximum offers 120 km range. Users can use the LED battery status indicator and battery status at any time. Charger with aluminium alloy shell with 80% 2-hour charge.