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Portable DVD With DVB-T Function

Portable DVD With DVB-T Function

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A portable DVD Player is a mobile, battery powered DVD player in the format of a mobile device. Many recent players play files from USB flash drives and SD cards. 

Most PDPs use TFT LCD screens, some using LED backlighting. The most common PDP screen size is 7 inches (18 cm), although some are as large as 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) - the larger size competing with Tablet computers. Some have articulating screens that rotate 180 degrees & fold flat. Portable DVD players generally have connections for additional screens and a car lighter plug. 

Some PDPs now have iPod docks, USB and SD Card slots built in. Some can play videos in other formats such as MP4, DivX, either from CDs, flash memory cards or USB external hard disks. Also some DVD players include a USB video recorder. 

Some DVD players have Wifi access, helping to play Internet TV, and some have bluetooth, allowing users to play content from or to other devices like smartphones. 

Previous models of portable DVD players had AV inputs for external game consoles; now some selected models have built-in emulators for internal game console action. 

Many portable DVD players can display more than just video DVDs. Many can also play other video formats, image formats and music formats, and may even include a built-in digital TV tuner so one can watch digital TV on the go.

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