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Advanced Production CapabilitiesTopscom’’s capabilities include in-mold decorating (IMD), including Nissha film process, in-mold laminate, cosmetic painting pcb assembly, shenzhen pcb assembly, china pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, pcba and pcb printed circuit boards assembly services, china supplier manufacturer, Topscom Technology.

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Advanced Production Capabilities

Topscom’’s capabilities include in-mold decorating (IMD), including Nissha film process, in-mold laminate, cosmetic painting, as well as volume/precision multi-color pad printing. Additionally, Topscom’ can handle multi-component molding including 2-shot molding, 3-shot molding, and multi-shot molding with IMD. Best of all, we specialize in thin-wall molding including monitor housing, cell phones, and PDAs. Topscom’’s optical lens molding includes pad printing and lens molding with IMD.

Secondary Operations

Topscom’’s advanced production operations also include heat staking, hot stamping, silk-screening, laser etching, and pad printing. In terms of painting capabilities, Topscom’ possesses manual, automatic, and robotic powder coating systems, and has extensive experience working with pre-painted materials. Rounding out our secondary capabilities, we have EMI shielding, ultraviolet oven and drying machines, sonic and ultrasonic welding, and mechanical, and electro-mechanical assembly.

Topscom’s injection mold tooling design tools include:


Unigraphics (CAD)




Solid Works

Topscom Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers who is committed to provide customers high quality and customized production service. Our factory can also give you wholesale service which is made in China, welcome to get production service with us.

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