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Backplanes PCB Assembly

Backplanes PCB Assembly

Pcb Assembly:Topscom's roots lie in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards.pcb assembly, shenzhen pcb assembly, china pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, pcba and pcb printed circuit boards assembly services, china supplier manufacturer, Topscom Technology.

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Pcb Assembly:

Topscom's roots lie in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. Today,we support high and low-mix PCB and backplane assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in volume production.

Our pcb assembly services are complemented by front-end product development capabilities including strong CAD layout and design experience. And of course, quality is always first - we employ DFX fundamentals as well as quality and data-tracking methodologies.

Pcb Assembly Capabilities:





·Double sided, mirrored BGA assembly 

·Double sided, single reflow processing 

·Fine pitch high pin count press fit connectors 

·Flip chip 

·Lead-free assembly 



·Mictor connectors 


·Bare die attach 

·Continuous flow SMT lines 

·Optical splicing

·Backplane Capabilities

·SMT - large scale backplanes up to 24" x 24" 

·PTH (plated through hole) - up to 24" wide 

·Press-fit - up to 12 ton, closed-loop systems 

·Process chemistry - aqueous and no clean 

·Test - up to 33,792 test nodes

Topscom Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers who is committed to provide customers high quality and customized backplanes pcb assembly. Our factory can also give you wholesale service which is made in China, welcome to get backplanes pcb assembly with us.

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