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What are the assembly methods of pcba processing
Mar 14, 2018

  The pcba design is a science that requires skilled engineers to design. It is mainly from the design point of view that if you do not use the support screw with one hand to use the support tool, you need to improve the assembly process to reduce the stress. The assembly design is not limited to, improving the reliability of layout components to improve the training of personnel. By using appropriate methods for assembly to solve the problem of starting the welding without damaging the normal operation, the assembly step occurs. PCBA solder joint failure has no ability. Incorrect designs can easily damage solder joints or parts. Parts with many or more feet are susceptible to mechanical or thermal stress. The design should be placed in a place where the PCB is not easily deformed or hardened, otherwise appropriate measures should be taken. The sensitive components are placed as far as possible away from the PCB assembly in a bent position. To avoid bending during assembly, place the connection cloth on the main board as far as possible and place it on the edge. The distance from the screw should be less than or equal to 1 cm. Do not place the BGA in areas where the PCB assembly tends to bend to avoid BGA solder joint damage. The design of the BGA's position is poor, and the solder joint can easily crack when the board is removed. For larger sizes, BGA should be strengthened. Other large components such as capacitors and transformers also need to be reinforced. When the PCB is bent, the solder joint is subjected to the maximum force and cracks or breakages are likely to occur. Therefore, it is effective to reinforce large parts, prevent cracking of the foot joints, or use special adhesives for reinforcement or reinforcement using patch adhesives. This requires space for components and the requirements and methods for hardening the process documentation.

Control board pcba processing board has a variety of assembly methods.

The plug-in PCB board needs to be installed by the production line staff after the electronic component is inserted in a single-sided DIP, wave soldering, and soldering can be performed after welding. However, wave soldering efficiency is low.

   Single-sided hybrid package, solder paste printing on PCB, reflow soldering after installation of electronic components, DIP insertion after wave inspection, wave soldering or manual soldering, reduction of via parts, manual soldering. One-way placement and insertion mixing, PCB board double-sided, single-sided installation, the other side of the plug. The installation and insertion process is the same as the one-sided process, but fixtures must be used for PCB reflow and wave soldering.

   Adopt double-sided mounting technology to ensure the aesthetics of the PCB assembly board. Surface layout IC components, B surface mount chip components. Make full use of PCB board space to minimize PCB area.

   Mix on both sides and mix the two in two ways. The first method uses a red plastic process to heat the PCBA assembly three times. Wave solder welding pass rate is low. The second method has multiple SMD components, few THT components, and manual welding. If there are many THT parts, wave soldering is used.

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