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SMT industry entered a period of adjustment, SMT machine to balance speed and flexibility
Jul 05, 2016

After a few years ' time, China's first to become the World Center for electronics manufacturing and SMT power at high speed, introduction 2005 SMT Mounter of demand growth for the first time in 2006, imports continued to moderate. "From last year to this year, chip Mounter market though not as explosive growth in previous years, but overall remains healthy and is steadily increasing. Estimated market will remain stable in the coming years. "Global instruments Asia regional marketing manager Zhu Yingxin prediction. This marks China SMT industry development into flat adjustment period, main has following several aspects reasons: SMT in domestic has get great universal application has quite widely; Europe day and the RTHK enterprise will electronic manufacturing base to China transfer of deployment basic completed; domestic the main electronic enterprise are has configuration SMT equipment has has enough capacity; phone zhihou of new a round hot products large volume manufacturing yet started; equipment base huge needs limited growth natural down; equipment update period has yet to be time. Predictable is that China's SMT industry adjustment period will last for 4-5 years. Next-generation chip contests for this stage to changes in market demand, Zhu Yingxin analysis: "customer modes of production with the new competitive environment of the market change, due to lack of application of single products, from single species of mass production model, increasingly turned to the many varieties of modes of production and increase their demand for devices in terms of speed and flexibility. "As a result, leading manufacturers soon noticed" speed and flexibility "issue, and began to develop different strategies to meet the changing requirements of the manufacturer. The first step is to focus on improving flexibility is very good on the speed of the production line, or flexibility introduced in the existing line, to increase output. In order to meet the new market needs, major equipment manufacturers have introduced new products. Universal instruments introduced the Genesis platform by the end of last year new product GC-120Q. It is currently the fastest four cantilever mounting machine, can mount up to 120,000 components an hour, meet market needs for on-chip high speed placement equipment and high precision.