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SMT chip technology advantage overview
Jul 05, 2016

1. High packing density of chip components than traditional perforated elements covering and quality is greatly reduced. In General, Volume 60% SMT' can be used to make electronic products, lighter '75%. For through-hole mounted technology components, they press 2. 54mm grid installed components and SMT assembly components from the grid 1. 27mm to the current 0. 63mm grid, up 0. 5mm grid installed components, higher-density. For example a 64 pin DIP chip, its assembly area for 25mmx75mm, and lead by lead spacing is 0. 63mm QFP, its assembly area of 12mmx12mm, with an area of 1/12 of through-hole technology. 2. High reliability due to the high reliability of chip components, the device small and light, earthquake-resistant ability, automated production, mounting and high reliability, bad solder joint is less than ten out of 10,000, than through-hole plug component wave soldering technology of low magnitude, average MTBF of 250,000 hours of SMT Assembly of electronic products, almost 90% of electronic products using SMT process. 3. High frequency characteristics due to the chip components mount firmly, usually lead or lead-free devices, reduced parasitic inductance and stray capacitance effect, improve the high-frequency characteristics of circuit using SMC SMD circuit and maximum frequency of 3GHz, only 500MHz using through-hole components. SMT can also shorten the transmission delay time, available for clock frequencies up to 16MHz or more circuits. If using MCM technique, high-end computer workstation clock frequencies up to 100MHz, parasitic reactance caused by the additional power consumption can be reduced by two or three times. 4. Reduce costs • PCB use decreased, area of 1/12 of through-hole technology, the use of CSP installed its area also declined substantially. • on a printed circuit board drilling fewer saves repair costs • because of the improved frequency response, reducing the debugging costs; • as chip components of small size, light weight, reduced packaging, shipping and storage costs · Development of SMT and SMD fast, rapidly falling cost, a chip with through hole resistance have price, about 1 Yuan. 5. Facilitate automated production piercing to completely automated printed circuit board installation, needs to expand the 40% original PWB area, so as to enable automatic plug-in cartridge head insert the component, or you do not have enough space clearance, damaged parts. Automatic placement machine use vacuum suction nozzle vacuum components, vacuum suction nozzle is smaller than the element shape, indeed improve the mounting density. In fact small components and fine-pitch QFP devices using automatic placement machine for production, in order to achieve full line of automated production.