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SMT chip technology
Jul 05, 2016

Surface mount technology (Surfacd Mounting Technolegy SMT for short) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology, it will be compressed to a volume of conventional electronic components is only one of dozens of devices, thus fulfilling the Assembly of electronic products with high density and high reliability, small size, low cost, and the automation of production. The miniaturization of components known as: SMY device (or SMC, Tablet-style devices). Assembling components to a printed or other substrate) technology called on SMT technology. Related Assembly equipment called an SMT device. At present, the advanced electronic products, especially in computers and communications, electronic products, has been widely used SMT technology. SMT components on the international production increased, while the traditional device production has been declining, so over time, SMT technology will become more and more popular. Or: is SMT surface mount technology (Surface Mounted Technology abbreviation), is the most popular technologies in the electronic assembly industry and craft. SMT what features: high density, electronic products, small size, light weight, SMD components of the volume and weight of only about traditional cartridge components 1/10, generally after SMT electronics volume 40%~60% and weight 60%~80%. High reliability, vibration-resistant ability. Solder defect rate is low. High frequency characteristics. Reduces the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Easy to automate and improve production efficiency. Reduce costs by up to 30%~50%. Save on materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc. Why to with SMT: electronic products pursuit miniaturization, yiqian using of perforation plug-in components has cannot narrowed electronic products function more full, by used of IC (IC) has no perforation components, especially mass, and high integrated IC, had to used surface posted tablets components products bulk of, production automation, factory to to low cost high production, produced products to caters to customer needs and the strengthening market competitiveness electronic components of development, IC (IC) of development, semiconductor material of multiple application Electronic Science and technology revolution is necessary, follow international trends.