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Precisely measure the power supply rail four practical techniques
Jul 05, 2016

In the current field of electronic design and power distribution network (PDN) has become a technology focus. What are the drivers behind the formation of this trend? First is the power supply rail voltages are dwindling, and tolerance of more and more harsh. Original power supply 5 v rail voltage, tolerance to 5%, and now down to 1.2 v or less, tolerance of only 1% (0.5%). This means that users need to analyze signals of only a few millivolts (1.2V x 0.5% = 6mV). Secondly, are becoming system jitter an important source of DC power supply system in resolving system problems have to pay more attention to the power distribution network. Therefore, the user must select the right tools, so that does not change the characteristics of power supply rail case, there is enough bandwidth to view the periodic and random interference.

Power distribution network may contain 10 to 30 supply Rails. Some power supply rail voltages are unique, some are the same. Only hundreds of millivolts minimum voltage value, the highest more than 10 volts. Due to the PDN connectivity on all circuits, power supply rail noise or transient characteristics can also spread to the entire system. Therefore, the power supply rail noises and coupling system on the primary reasons of jitter.

In order to improve the accuracy of measurements, power integrity measurements (such as the measurement of ripple and noise, and find transient sources of interference and periodic interference) requirements become more demanding. What are the reasons? Lower power supply rail voltages and tolerances are more harsh, but this is often masked by the noise of the probe and oscilloscope. Users can't get enough offsets to magnify the display measurement results. Connection method can inadvertently change the DC voltage values.

Industry have been designed specially for the rail measuring probe. Combine measurement with bandwidth throttling and rich features of low noise Oscilloscopes, engineers can perform more precise measurement of power integrity. Here is the use of Oscilloscopes accurately test the power distribution network four important skills.

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