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How to check pcba processing is qualified
Nov 30, 2017

  PCBA processing board is a very important part of the factory, how to determine eligibility, or how to make a direct impact

If the quality PCBA board late, it will increase, then how to test the cost, if we do not get him off the road, rework, if the workload increases, will lead to failure of the product with endless problems? The following analysis in some respects for your reference.

Make sure you have any requirements, such as BOM material list, smt patch location map, magnifying glass (electronic or optical), tape measure, test stand. Quality Assurance Sampling Standard: Implementation of the GB / T2828.1-2003II Level Check Sampling Plan. AQL value: CR: 0MAJ: 0.25MIN: test environment 0.65 pairs Condition: room temperature, humidity: temperature 25 ± 3 ℃, humidity: 40-70% LED fluorescent light, best see CRI (80) more clearly) Lamps can get the product 30-50cm decision in the shape of the manager.

How to determine the number of requirements for each industry, here are some other quality requirements, from the actual test, of course, it is very important that we can tell us, that is, the test is usually the case, for reference, To summarize long-term practice experience, you can also list test methods; however, achieving the same goal is our goal, such as how to test each requirement and test it accurately and simply.

First, check the appearance of solder joints, screen printing, parts surfaces, etc.

Component polarity and PCB board printing orientation must be the same and are the most basic requirements. Electrolytic capacitors, diodes, and gallium capacitors. If it is above the sampling standard, ask for a refusal. The tin checker Notepad height may exceed the maximum PCB board, but contact with the body member, so that the short circuit prevents the space if the upper end of the contact element of the solder body is not within the specified range. Too much solder can lead to false welding. The part pins and the PCB board between the solder joints must have a complete planar lead component, no tilt, and the cutting height of the components must be consistent. There should be no component welding points, vacuum welds. Solder tin to the surface with a glossy semicircular surface to indicate insufficient tin content. Instead, if you find solder tin powder unmelted residue, the solder balls will stick to the irregular shape of the remaining tin. It all belongs to a bad situation. BOM list Patch number Placement The unit is accurate and does not have the wrong parts, so it corresponds to one sampling. Check the PCB, check for cracks or gaps between absence and PCB, element cracks, scratches or damage to components can not be used.

Second, test the basic electrical performance as much as possible using a test stand to test the electrical performance. It is a more expensive PCBA board, but also requires professional engineers and equipment testing.