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Details the future IC decryption product innovation
Jul 05, 2016

Detailed future product innovation IC decryption, IC product innovations of the future, not simply trying to integrate more functions, but as living standards improve, focus on improvement of the quality of people's lives to the innovation and development of innovative products. Can develop a precise market positioning of innovative products, will to a great extent determines the success of a business.

Industrial ecological change on formation of the IC design industry has a huge impact, if not right, potentially embarrassment into an early grave. Traditional IC design business after developing chip referred to the OEM for programme development and products promotion. After entering the SoC development as "chip + solution", because the machine does not have any capacity for programme development, providing technical support is more dependent on the original. IC declassified enterprises therefore need additional commitments at several times the IC Designer of hardware and software solutions and the human costs of the technical support team.

Main innovations for the future focuses on materials, components, core production technology, includes the wafer and package. CPU design in our advanced technology, high-performance analog technology, high power devices and RF IC is still insufficient.

IC Enterprise competition is the competition of talents in the future, outstanding talents are the key to IC success; the second is business model competition, including product development, marketing and production management, which determines the IC industry position and profitability of enterprises.