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Circuit board technology
Jul 05, 2016

Circuit board name: PCB, PCB plate, aluminum plate, high frequency PCB, PCB, thin PCB, thin circuit board printing (copper etching technique) circuit boards. Mini circuit board circuit, visualization, for fixed circuit electric production and optimization of layout plays an important role.

Domestic study of automatic testing system for printed circuit board began around the early 90 Middle also has just begun. At present, the research institutes engaged in research in this area is relatively small, but also because of the influence of various factors, automatic optical inspection system for printed circuit board defect research stays at the beginning of a relatively level. Because of foreign printed circuit board automatic test system is too expensive, and has developed a real sense of printed circuit board automatic test equipment, so most of the circuit board manufacturer was using artificial with a magnifying glass or projector to view approach to detection. Because manual inspection intensity, eyes are prone to fatigue, high rate of leakage inspection. But as electronics toward miniaturization, digital development, printed circuit boards are also in the development of high-density, high-precision, manual testing methods cannot be achieved. To high density and precision PCB (0.12?0.10MM), has been completely unable to test. Detection means backward, led to the current domestic plywood (8-12) product qualification rate only becomes prohibitive.