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Chip decryption chip shortage solution
Jul 05, 2016

Chip decryption chip shortage solution. Due to the huge demand of the domestic market for these chips, resulting in some chips in short supply, thus grew up a lot like chip decryption Research Department, specialized IC decryption chip foundry and integrated enterprise. SCM declassified are increasingly popular with customers, also lies in its powerful micro-innovation, lower cost and convenient one-stop service. This to a large extent not only eliminate the waste of manpower, purchasing costs, and also has a great saving in time, shorten project link, as well as contingency at any time to the customer's needs.

In recent years, IC decryption rapid rise of China, because of its "think improved, seeking a breakthrough, small details, big as" innovative ideas, such as excellent chip chip decryption decrypt manufacturers Research Department provides a set of excellence, the perfect solution to meet customer demand for one-stop personalized service.

Future electronics manufacturing businesses, will leave the more to chip decryption agent, such as material procurement, chip decryption, PCB copy Board, IC design, copied chip, chip development, OEM, ODM, SMT manufacturing materials, copy, change, etc. These chip decryption Research Department of business enterprises has been the best show, and will create new user experiences.

Chip IC decryption decrypt all the research service are guided by the trade related intellectual property rights protection Ordinance, to focus on domestic electronics companies lost MCU data or learn foreign advanced design provides technical support. Its unique decryption method and decryption technology can achieve the unique advantages of the latest chip technology solving and analysis. In simple terms, this process is built-in chips for electronic products to take the necessary measures to obtain internal code, which gets all the technical content of the chip, and parameters. With this information, companies can own production chips whenever you want, you can also find specialty wafer Foundry or chip decryption research enterprise to provide one-stop solutions.